About the Journey

Be Present in This Moment

Rooted in LA, Lotus Eater is a clothing brand that focuses on the passion revolving around learning to appreciate the moments in our lives. The narrative of our philosophy is expressed through our clothing, and appreciation of art.

Our brand name denotes from a reference of the island of lotus eaters from Homer's Greek mythology; lotus eaters are characterized as a race consumed by the narcotic effects of the lotus flower, being in a constant laze of a never-ending dream like state. Although lotus eater holds a negative connotation in reference to the race, it is not something that we view as negative ourselves. We enjoy the thought of being able to take life slower. We look forward to the weekends, and forget that the weekdays are part of our lives as well. To not enjoy each day is to not enjoy life to the fullest.

Appreciate the present. Look forward to the future.

From Roaming the Apocalypse with my Shiba Inu